Hello, I am glad you are here. Just a little history about who am I and what I do. I grew up in Malaysia and ended up attending a wonderful art college in Singapore. As a fine art major, I enjoyed every moment with artistic discipline in oil painting. Three years of training had landed me a job as an illustrator for press media where I helped on supporting the editorial. This had re-affirmed my passion for illustration but then my desire to do more than that became too much to bear that eventually I ventured out and made my way across the Pacific Ocean to the United State of America and found myself in the cultural city of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia where later I call home. I took up another career path and pursue as a graphic designer. With fine art background, I found that there are so many possibilities in design and of couse in life.
So, I am just an ordinary person passionate about design and illustration. Now trying to live a life simply simple in this jewel piece of land, Hong Kong, continue to do what I am doing for living that I am still enthusiastic about and helping people to find a way to do what they love.
Do drop me a note and share with me your thought on anything, everything.




Less is More.



Photograph by Jessy Lee